1. I’m pretty disappointed at the box office earnings for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

    … though I think I understand why it hasn’t been a huge hit.

    The movie really appealed to me because I fall within quite a few of the niche fan groups the movie was made for. Classic gaming nerd. Jaded punk kid. Pseudo-hipster. Twenty-something.

    The problem with casting such a wide net for such very specific kinds of niche demographics is that you miss the groups that have the Money. The 30-somethings with kids and a family and jobs. Teenagers who weren’t born when the NES was still releasing new games. Or even when Seinfeld was The Shit.

    It makes me feel bad, because it’s pretty much a movie made for me and my group of friends. And we’ve all seen it and bought the soundtrack and played the PS3 game and the punch-out game for iPhone/iPad. And we’ve all flipped our shit about this movie. But we’re not the demographic that brings in big box office earnings.

    This film also hurt itself in more than just appealing to disparate niche groups … but I think this blog does a much better job explaining that than I ever could.

    That and having Michael Cera in the lead role. Hate him. But I still saw the movie anyway and loved it.

    So I’m hoping that when this film eventually ends up on DVD/Bluray—which may be sooner rather than later depending on how long theaters keep it playing—my Zelda-playing, metal-listening, pop-culture-loving brethren pick this up and make it a cult DVD hit, like we did with The Big Lebowski. But unfortunately for Edgar Wright, he’s not going to have much money to throw at his next project, which is unfortunate because he is a modern director with fantastic execution and gorgeous, fun films.

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    We are Sex Bob-omb!

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    Scott Pilgrim Rainbow Cake (via jennyvier)