1. ETTA hat, pre-blocking (by emilyooo)

    Knit this hat over the past two days. I need to block it. But I can’t stop wearing it.

  2. Dyed my hair Saturday. Kind of obsessed with it. Also don’t judge me because I’m old. Seriously though I’m like 10 years older than all of you. *pouts*

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  3. Porom (by emilyooo)

    I made a hat! And I kind of want to marry it.

  4. New hat. Kind of in love with it.

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  5. 18 Jun

    Doctor Who theme park



    I really need to get inside the TARDIS. They could make this happen, I’m sure


    Just go to Gallifrey One. TARDIS Tara always brings her life-size TARDIS replica.