Meine Damen und Herren, prepare yourself for some knowledge bombs! Emily was the guest on this week’s RFS podcast to talk about Jonathan Gibbs and his contributions to the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and his musical stylings for “The King’s Demons,” “Warriors of the Deep,” “Vengeance on Varos,” and “The Mark of the Rani.” Can you dig it? 

Newsmageddon continues! With only two weeks to go before the premiere of Deep Breath across the planet, the Doctor Who hype machine is in full swing, from the world tour making it’s way through the UK before heading overseas to early reviews of the premiere episode (all spoiler-free, of course.) Online content, the Moff saying stuff that may or may not be true and so….much…more. But that’s not all! We also have the final Miniscope of the year, this time profiling BBC Radiophonic Workshop composer Jonathan Gibbs with the help of eminent smart music lady Emily Kausalik from the Doctor Who: Time Signatures podcast! Huzzah! Show Notes:

Peter Capaldi…Interview!
Peter Capaldi…Extended Interview!
Peter Capaldi…Talks Costume!
Deep Breath…Premiere Q&A!
Deep Breath…Synopsis!
Deep Breath…To Be Simulcast In Australia!
World Tour…Live Streams!
Enemy of the World and Web of Fear…On Hulu!
Series 8…On Internet Video Services!
Deep Breath DVD/BluRay…UK Release!
Deep Breath DVD/BluRay…North American Release!
Moffat Says…No Master or Tenth Anniversary Special!
Moffat Says…More Online Content!
Rachel Talalay Interviewed…By The Globe And Mail!
Planet 55 Studios Says…No More Classic DVD Animations!
Qurios…Passed On Underwater Menace Animation!
Doctor Who Restoration Team…At LonCon!
Symphonic Spectacular…Touring The Antipodes!
Big Chief…First Doctor!
Season 1…Trailer!
Animated Adventures of Doctor Who…Trailer!
Doctor Who…On Sesame Street!
Gallifrey One…Guest Update!
Chicago TARDIS…Announces Camille Coduri!
Chicago TARDIS…Announces Frazer Hines, Wendy Padbury and Deborah Watling!






Here it is! The first full episode of Doctor Who: Time Signatures.

In the first episode of Time Signatures we discuss the use sound in “The Time Meddler” from season 2 of the “classic” series of Doctor Who. If it weren’t for a very clever use of a phonograph would the Doctor have figured out so quickly that something was amiss in 1066?

Our fantastic theme music is Mahamajama’s “The Doctor is in Danger.” Look them up on Last.fm!

Listen to me nerd out over Doctor Who. Yah.