1. dwtspodcast:

    Here it is! The first full episode of Doctor Who: Time Signatures.

    In the first episode of Time Signatures we discuss the use sound in “The Time Meddler” from season 2 of the “classic” series of Doctor Who. If it weren’t for a very clever use of a phonograph would the Doctor have figured out so quickly that something was amiss in 1066?

    Our fantastic theme music is Mahamajama’s “The Doctor is in Danger.” Look them up on Last.fm!

    Listen to me nerd out over Doctor Who. Yah.


  2. So how’s that dissertation going? Vol. 6




  3. amyerikapond:

    is it too early in the school year for a mental breakdown yet

    nope, had one yesterday

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  4. So, how’s that dissertation going? Vol. IV



  5. me, circa 1989. some sort of costume party/dress up/whatever. white wicker basket on my head like a hat, pink sparkly wig, blue eyeliner, sequin top. I seem to remember pretending I was some sort of bandleader, hence the recorder. I remember being particularly proud of my missing front tooth, and I use to try to stick my tongue out through the gap.