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  3. fuckyeahfelines:

    My kitties Zell(white one) and Galaxy(black one) really love each other.


  4. saturday is caturday!

    A new feature … Saturday is Caturday!

    Last week I catsit for friends of mine, and these pictures sum up their personalities pretty well.

    Here is Mango. She refuses to hang out with me, so about 99% of the time I just see her walking away.

    And here is Nigel, who continually tests the edibility of all objects.

    And to make sure all of my bases are covered, Mayor Charles and I had a nice cuddle session this week:

    Ronnie declined to participate in any social interactions due to his perpetual grumpiness.


    ETA: Mayor Charles, my model, helping me test out a fancy DSLR camera at home. He’s quite fetching.

    ETA2: Ronnie creeps by, then runs off without any contact whatsoever:


  5. caturday of judgement

    Another weekend of catsitting for friends. In this edition, the kitties circle around me, judging me, as I have yet to feed them.

    Just look at Nigel’s face. “Bitch please, what are you waiting for. Give me food.”